Customise your design

Find out how you can customise the layout and components of your Browser website.


We’ll apply your branding to the Browser website, including your logo, colour scheme, and fonts. We’ll copy these aspects from your main website.

Homepage components

The Browser homepage has these components:

  • Template layout
  • Banner
  • Featured collections
  • Highlights
  • Topics
  • Search
  • Explore tags
  • Explore by colour
  • Bird’s Eye View

Template layout

You can choose a 3-column or 4-column layout.


The banner spans the width of the page and includes:

  • An image (2500 pixels wide).
  • An introductory paragraph. This can include the total number of items in the collection with a link to view more. The number of items is automatically calculated and kept up to date.
  • Links to content on the site such as featured collections and highlights.

Screenshot of the homepage banner. Shows a heading, "Explore the collection". Includes a background image, introduction text, and icons and text links for different features of Vernon Browser.

Featured collections

The featured collections component can display any number of tiles that link to each of your collections. Usually 3 to 12 featured collections are shown on the homepage. Each collection tile requires an image (2500 pixels wide).

Screenshot of the featured collections component. Shows a heading, "Featured collections", and four tiles. Each tile contain an image and a label for the collections of Library, Natural science, Social history, and Art.


The highlights component can display any number of tiles that link to your highlight sets. Usually 3 to 12 highlight tiles are shown on the homepage. Each highlight tile requires an image (2500 pixels wide).

See Highlights.

Screenshot of the highlights component. Shows a heading, "Highlights from our collection (first 4 of 5)", and four tiles. Each tile contains an image and a text link for the highlights Crown Lynn Potteries, African Nkondi scultpure, Insects, and Crockery. There is a button called "View all highlights".


The topics component displays your Topic records.

Screenshot of the topics component. Shows a heading, "Topics" and two tiles. Each tile contains an image and a text link for the topics Bee Flies: The Impersonators, and Crown Lynn Vases.


The Search component contains:

  • A short introduction.
  • Tips on searching.
  • A search field.
  • A link to advanced search.

You can customise the introduction.

Screenshot of the search component. Shows a heading, "Search", plus introductory text, a search field and button, and an advanced search link.

Explore tags

You can let people explore your collection by maker, subject, and classification tags. Each tag include the number of items with that tag. You can choose not to show the number.

Screenshot of the explore component. Shows a heading, "Explore by subject", and tags including People, Animals, Juvenile Fiction, Buildings, and Fairytales and Myths.

Bird’s Eye View

The Bird's Eye View presents a full screen mosaic of your collection images. We work with you to decide whether this will include all collection images or a subset. We also help to decide on a sensible sort order for the collection images. For example, depending on your collection, sorting by maker, production date, or object type may provide interesting groupings of images.

The Bird's Eye View can be used as a starting page on touch screens if you decide to use your Browser website to provide in-person visitors with access to your Browser collection website.

The Bird’s Eye View component on the homepage is a static image that links to your Bird’s Eye View page.

Screenshot of the Bird's Eye View component. Shows a heading, "Bird's Eye View" and a large image containing a mosaic of images, and a button called "View our Collection".

Explore by colour

You can let people explore your collection by colour.

See Colours.

Screenshot of the explore by colour component. Shows a heading, "Explore by colour" and a series of circular colour swatches.

Video, audio, and 3D content

We can display content from any third-party app that has an embedded player available.

You can add:

  • Video players such as YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Audio players such as SoundCloud.
  • 3D components such as SketchFab.

Prepare your video, audio, and 3D content

Review and changes

When we’ve finished setting up the design, you review the site and tell us about any changes you would like. The first round of changes is included in the cost. Repeated reviews can incur an additional charge.

What’s next?

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