Colours in your images are automatically detected as swatches. Colour swatches help people to explore your collection.

About colours

When Vernon Browser imports images, it uses the image pixels to identify the most dominant colours with each image. These colours are displayed as circular swatches.

The colours are matched against the 140 standard named web colours. The matching colour names are added to the search keywords for that record.

People on your website can select a colour to explore all objects in your collection that contain that colour.

Screenshot of the colour swatch feature. Shows a heading, "Explore other objects by colour", and five colour swatches in slate gray, white smoke, peru, steel blue, and dark khaki.

View your colours

You can view all the colours that Vernon Browser has selected for your collection. You can select a colour to manage how it is used.

Go to Browse Data > By Colours.

Screenshot of the colours list within Browser administration. Shows a heading, "Colours", a sorting feature set to "Rank", and 59 square colour swatches in a grid layout.

Reorder your colours

You can give some colours higher priority on your object records. This means they are more easily found when a user explores that colour.

For example, an object image may be mainly red. By moving the red colour to the top of the colour list for that object, Vernon Browser will prioritise it when users explore your collection by the red colour.

  1. Go to the object detail page of the record.
  2. Select the Colours tab.
  3. On the list of Active Colours, drag and drop colours to reorder them.

Delete a colour

Sometimes a matching colour that isn’t relevant. For example, a ‘light gray’ colour on images of objects that are on a light gray background. You can delete colours from your records.

Colour deletion is not permanent. As you upload new primary images, Vernon Browser will analyse the colours. This may reintroduce a deleted colour because it is present in the new images.

  1. Go to Browse Data > By Colours.
  2. Choose the colour you want to remove from a record.
  3. From the colour detail page, select the image that contains the colour.
  4. On the object detail page, go to the Colours tab.
  5. On the list of Active Colours, choose the colour and select Delete (to delete from just that record).

Add a colour

You can add colours which are in an image but weren't large enough for Vernon Browser to detect them.

  1. Go to the object detail page of the record.
  2. Select the Colours tab.
  3. Select Add a new colour.
  4. Select the colour.
  5. On the Colour Presence slider, set an estimate of the percentage of that colour in the image.
  6. Select Save.