People can comment on records in your collection. This is a great way to build information about your collection and form a sense of community.

About comments

Your collection is enriched when people in your community comment on it. People can add details, history and stories about the objects in your collection.

Commenting is turned on by default.

Turn off or turn on comments

  1. Go to General Settings > Comments.
  2. In the General section, for the setting Allow website visitors to comment on object records?, select either 'true' or 'false'.

Set up comment moderation

Version 6 of Vernon Browser allows you to moderate comments. That means you can choose to review comments before approving, rejecting or deleting them.

Comments are placed on hold until you have moderated them.

  1. Go to General Settings > Comments.
  2. In the Moderation section, for the setting When a comment gets posted?, select ‘hold it for approval’.

Moderate comments

  1. Go to Comments.
  2. In the On hold tab, find the comment.
  3. Choose Approve, Reject or Delete.

Set up email notifications for comments

When people add comments, Vernon Browser can send a notification to a nominated email address at your organisation.

  1. Go to General Settings > Comments.
  2. In the Notifications section, for the setting Send email notification when a comment gets posted?, choose ‘true’.
  3. In the Email address to send notifications box, enter your email address.

Set up auto replies for comments

You can set Vernon Browser to automatically reply to people who add comments. Browser will email people to tell them that you have received their comment, which is awaiting moderation.

  1. Select ‘true’ for Auto reply when a comment gets posted?
  2. In the From/Reply to name box, enter a name (for example, your organisation’s name).
  3. In the From/Reply to email address box, enter an email address.
  4. In the Email subject box, enter a subject.